Frequently asked questions are available on a variety of topics

Q. What effects will it have on my vehicle
ANSWER: After our work is completed the vehicle will operate as normal with no side effects, but with added performance, if the customer is in anyway unhappy it can be reverted to its original settings for a small cost
Q. Is it bad for my vehicle
ANSWER: Absolutely not! all of our work is completed to the highest standard and we never overdo an engine to exceed its safety limit, we discuss our customers requirements and can offer advice on certain situations, please note::: we do not work on any vehicle not operating in 100% perfect mechanical condition,please see our disclaimer.
Q. How much fuel can I save
ANSWER:  Its difficult to put a figure on cars but it without question will save fuel, on agricultural vehicles it has been known to save customers up to 60 liters a day on a 14 hour working day along with reduced add blue costs
Q. Is it against environmental regulations to remove add blue on a road going vehicle
ANSWER: Yes, that is why it is only recommend on non road going vehicles
Q. How long dose it take to complete the job
ANSWER: Unlike some of our competition we like to run and test all of our work upon job completion, it takes up to two hours per vehicle, and after that we run a complete system check which could take a further hour, it has been know on some occasions that we have preempted other underlying problems in different areas of the vehicle by doing a full diagnostic in this way
Q. How quickly can it booked in?
ANSWER: We take all booking through our contact section on this website, if their are any question we would be happy to answer them through our e-mail or drop us a line on the number provided
Q. How much dose it cost
ANSWER: Each job is different but it usually costs between €500 and €900 depending on the job, if a customer would like multiple jobs on the same vehicle we would do it at a reduced rate