EZSolutions ensures tuning by highly qualified technicians, with over 25 years experience in the high performance tuning of engines with today’s complex management systems and the most up to date technologies available across the whole of Ireland at competitive prices. Our aftermarket products incorporate the ability to run a variety of engine performance modes. We guarantee the use of state of the art hardware and software to meet all our customers requirements, this also ensures that the whole job is completed within a few hours. All our software is developed to give you the smoothest and the most power where needed, reliably from your vehicle.

How do we differ from other tuning companies? We actually write the software and have a real passion to be the best, this you will hear from all our customers past and present.

Whether you want higher power, more torque, less ad blue consumption, troublesome diesel particulate filters fixed, smoother gains across the rev range, a broader power band, or simply better fuel economy then EZSolutions have the knowledge and capability to shape your engines characteristics around the way you drive.  All of this is done by working with instead of against the original vehicle systems.  The vehicle can be completely returned to its original state at any time.