Engine remapping Solutions, Adblue Solutions, DPF Solutions, Fuel Saving Solutions & Performance Solutions

EZSolutions ensures tuning by highly qualified technicians, with over 25 years experience in the high performance tuning of engines with today’s complex management systems and the most up to date technologies available across the whole of Ireland at competitive prices.

EZ Solutions performance or economy software will make it possible for your vehicle to reach its potential.  A EZSolutions vehicle will provide you with safer overtaking, better fuel economy, a smoother more pleasurable drive and no need for the huge outlay of buying a new vehicle, a new lease of life is given to your car making it feel like a totally new one.
EZ Solutions is the answer for the customer looking for improvements in economy; our economy tuning is unique in the industry removing limits set by the manufacturer that will free power and capability which would otherwise lay dormant. Increasing torque will yield better MPG, with saving being seen on fuel of up to 20%.
A remapped tractor means much better driveability, more pulling torque, and significantly better fuel economy. 25 – 30% increases in power, 65 – 100% increase in torque, and improved fuel consumption are not uncommon when remapping a commercial vehicle. We can remap nearly all vehicles that have an ECU and most of these can be modified using the vehicle diagnostic port.
We are not limited to modifying domestic vehicles but plant machinery is also within our range. Remapped plant machiney means much better driveability, more pulling torque, and better fuel economy. Gains of up to 20% better fuel economy can be achieved by a simple alteration which at any stage can be reversed.